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Modules details we develop and support

IT Service  Management


> Incident Management        >  Release Management      >  Contract Management

>  Predictive Intelligence       > Change Management       > Request Management 

> Problem Management        > Service Catalogue             > Virtual Agent
> Vendor Management          > Enterprise Onboarding     > Service Workspace

> Knowledge Management   > Service Catalogue             > Release Management

> Walk- Up Experience           > Mobile agent

ITSM is a shared service that provides a cost-effective, reliable, scalable, secure, feature-rich
software tool that can be used by state agencies to manage Incidents, requests, problems, and changes in support of customers and business needs.

IT Operation Management


ITOM groups key applications and capabilities into packages that can scale with you as your needs change. Gain visibility across infrastructure and apps, maintain service health, and optimize cloud delivery and spend.

> Discovery                >  Operational Intelligence      >  Cloud Management

> Service Mapping    > Event Management              >  ITOM Health Dashboard

IT Business Management


ITBM offerings help you better manage demand, balance resources, manage agile and waterfall projects, perform budget planning, and map costs to technical and business services. IT runs more like a business unit and aligns better with the rest of the organization.

> Application Portfolio Management          > Project Portfolio Management

> Financial Management                              > Time Card Management

> Agile Management                                    > Business Planning Portal

HR Service Delivery


> Case & Knowledge Management                  > Employee Service Center

> Employee Onboarding &  Transitions            > HR Integrations

> Employee Document Management               > HR Performance Analytics

HRSD application improves the employee service experience by automating HR interactions and providing a single platform for all HR services. Automate onboarding and other employee lifecycle events that span multiple departments, improving employee satisfaction and efficiency across HR and other departments.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

CSM application enables you to provide service and support for your external customers through communication channels such as web, email, chat, telephone, and social media. Create cases as needed and route cases to available customer service agents with the necessary skill sets.

> Customer Service Management                      > Field Service Management

Governance, Risk &

Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk, and Compliance is the methodology which manages the strict and complex regulatory and industry requirements across corporate environments suite contains four main applications:

> Policy and Compliance Management                    > Audit Management
> Risk Management                                                    > Vendor Risk Management

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